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NOTE: A beta version of HERA is currently provided on this website so that we can get feedback from potential users. Since this version is a work in progress, you may see changes to the HERA dashboards, individual maps or plots. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions, observations or suggestions at Thank you for your patience!

Data for HERA is gathered from a variety of sources:

Name of Dataset Source of Dataset Years Variables Included
Storm Events Database NOAA NCEI 1996-2016 Event, County, Date, Injuries, Fatalities, Property Damage, Agricultural Damage
Death Certificates NC Vital Records 1999-2016 Date of Death, Gender, Age, Residence, Place of Death, County of Occurrence, Time of Death, Education, Race, Ethnic Origin, Veteran Status, Certifier Code, Place of Injury, ICD10, Pregnancy Status, Injury at Work
100 and 500 Year Flood Plain Boundaries FEMA 2014 NFIP communities, map panels, cross sections, hydraulic structures, Coastal Barrier Resource System, base maps (road, stream, and public land survey data)
Parcel NC One Map 2017-2018 Shapefiles, acres, property values, owner and structure information
Heavy Precipitation Events Applied Climate Information System (ACIS) 1996-2016 Ranking by Climate Division of top precipitation events
Heavy Precipitation Thresholds NOAA Atlas 14 N/A Heavy precipitation events by 6 hour, 24 hour, and 2 day for 50 year, 100 year, 500 year, and 1000 year events
Property Damage NC Department of Insurance, Rate Bureau 2000-2016 Actual hurricane losses and property damage claims by event for insurance territories
Excessive Heat Days xmACIS2 1996-2016 Number of days maximum temperature >=95
Agricultural Damage USDA 1996-2016 Dollars of insurance payout and acres damaged by county, by crop, by type of event

Event categories for HERA are determined by the following:

Primary Event Name Incorporated Events
Tropical Storm/Depression
Other Non-Tropical System Nor’Easter
Thunderstorm Hail, Thunderstorm Wind, Lightning, Flash Flood, Flood, Heavy Rain Squall Line
Heavy Precipitation Heavy Rain, Flash Flood, Flood – if not associated with another storm event
Dense Fog
Excessive Heat
Storm Surge/Tide
Rip Current