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Are you vulnerable to heat-related illness?

Traditionally when we think of heat illness, we think of big cities and summer heat waves. In the Carolinas, this is not the case. “Are You at Risk” describes the populations at risk and the circumstances that put you at risk for heat-related illness.

North Carolina Emergency Department Visits for Heat-Related Illness


Every day life occurs in a climate context. Whether we work in an office, in a factory, on a rooftop, or in a field, changes in climate impact our ability to carry out these jobs. We plan our lives and we learn our limitations based on our lived environment. Our housing, activities and everyday interactions are influenced by the climate in which we live.

Learn more about climate-health interactions in the infographics below. These resources cover everything from basic concepts to understanding specifically how climate extremes impact Carolina communities. Both English and Spanish versions are available for each document. Click the links below each image to download.

Weather vs Climate

Heat Index

Staying Cool

Flood Info

Flood Info


View all of our available infographics on our Tools > Infographics page.

Climate Extremes

Select a climate extreme to access tools and learn more about community vulnerability and health impacts.


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